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Welcome to¬†, where we list hundreds of mobile phone plans to help you get the best deal! Search and compare mobile phone deals based on the monthly cost, the data allowance, the mobile phone you want and different mobile phone providers. Use the filters below to help you search and compare. Once you’ve had a look at some of the mobile phone deals and found the perfect mobile phone plan for you, click¬†sign up and you’ll be taken to the mobile provider’s site to order your new mobile phone!

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Everyone wants to get a great deal when signing up for a new mobile phone. But with so much confusion in the mobile phone market, it sometimes just becomes too hard and many people give up on getting a great mobile phone deal. Don’t be one of those people!

It might take a bit of time to search and compare the best mobile phone deals, but with sites like and others on the web, the task becomes much simpler. By comparing available plans and deals there is a good chance you will be able to save yourself hundreds of dollars per year off your mobile phone bill. Don’t pay your hard earned dollars to the phone companies – get a great deal instead!

When we write about ‘Mobile Phone Deals’, we refer to two separate things. Firstly special offers that mobile phone companies put out from time to time. For example a company may offer 2 months free access or half price access for 6 months. Secondly we refer to mobile phone deals where a particular mobile is included on a certain mobile phone plan that represents excellent value. By releasing great value deals for a mobile phone handset, providers can gain advantage over their competitors. The trick is to get in early while the deals are hot!

Mobile Phone Plans

Complexity with the mobile phone plans is where the phone companies seem to delight in making decisions difficult for consumers. The most important questions when evaluating mobile phone plans are in regards to the cost per month, the included value per month, the call rates and the inclusions.

Many people simply choose the wrong plan for their usage patterns. One common mistake is to choose a plan that is too high for what is actually needed. If you connect to a $69 Cap instead of a perfectly suitable $49 Cap, then you will cost yourself $480 over the period of a 2 year contract. When considering mobile phone plans, you can easily avoid this mistake by glancing over the past few months mobile phone bills (we recommend 6 months to be a good appraisal). If you don’t feel comfortable reading phone bills, then call your mobile phone provider and ask for some assistance.

If you use far less than your current call allowance, then you may be able to consider moving to a lower plan. In this scenario you must remember to consider an increases in call rates by moving to a lower plan and also the potential penalties if you do spend more than expected on your plan.

Choosing a mobile phone plan that is too low for your needs can be a costly mistake – especially in the world of capped mobile phone plans. If you exceed a capped plan, your penalty fees rise extremely quickly because of the high call rates on capped plans – often 90 cents per minute or more.We usually recommend having a buffer of about 20-25% based on a normal month’s usage. If your usage increases in a month, the buffer will hopefully stop you exceeding your cap.